Introducing Lamini Inference with 52x more RPM than vLLM


Stop worrying about rate limits. Make your LLM chains, RAG agents, and LLM calls return faster than ever.


  • Lamini Inference processes a whopping 52x more requests per min (RPM) than vLLM.
  • Contact us to run our hosted Lamini Inference, or to deploy Lamini Inference on your VPC, on-prem, or air-gapped.

The reality today for LLM apps:

  • Your devs have to push 10K docs through a RAG pipeline with a 10-step LLM chain — and it takes way too long to complete. 
  • When a user query comes in, your multi-agent workflow makes 20 LLM calls, and can barely get back to 1 user in time—let alone hundreds or thousands or even a handful.
  • Your dev team is hitting rate limits, making new accounts even, just to process 1M requests a day.
  • Developers at one of our customers were blocked on 2.5M requests from returning fast enough — which was slowing down their time to market.

You can’t wait days, weeks, months even for all the LLM calls you need to happen. You need to process massive loads of data through LLMs to keep your application running.

We’ve heard this pain a ton from customers who try using other APIs, so we’ve spent a lot of engineering (ie GPU message passing and multi-node GPU communication primitives) to squeeze out every part of the GPU and the stuff that connects GPUs to make our inference stack run at 52x more requests per min (RPM) than vLLM.

What 52x means:

We had a customer estimating a data processing step using LLMs would’ve taken 3 years, so pretty much infeasible. Instead, this made it possible to operate on that much data by dropping that number down to about 3 weeks.

  • ~1 hr -> only ~1 minute.
  • ~1 year -> only ~1 week.
  • ~2 months -> only ~1 day.

This is like the Same-Day Shipping of LLMs.

So if you’re trying to push requests and data through, this unblocks what you’re building today. This also changes what’s even possible for you to build with LLMs. 

We will be doubling down on this number in future posts. Stay tuned and excited to see what you build with higher RPM LLMs.

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