Your data.
Your infra.
Your LLM.

Giving every developer the superpowers that took the world from GPT-3 to ChatGPT. Training custom LLMs on your own infrastructure can be as easy as prompt engineering.

The first LLM engine that can train in your own infrastructure.

From speed optimizations like LoRA to enterprise features like virtual private cloud (VPC) deployments.

Your data is your advantage.

LLMs specialized to your private data, using task-specific data generation.

Beyond prompt-tuning. Beyond fine-tuning.

Faster training, with optimizations for 10x fewer training iterations, data transformations, and model selection.

A library any software engineer can use.

Just a few lines in the Lamini library can train a new LLM. Rapidly ship new versions with an API call. Never worry about hosting or running out of compute.

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