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Lamini channel partner Snowflake
Lamini channel partner Snowflake
Lamini channel partner Snowflake

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Lamini channel partner Snowflake
Lamini channel partner Snowflake

All-in-one production-ready LLM pods for every software engineer

Lamini's production LLM pods bake in best practices
from AI and HPC for you to efficiently
build, deploy, and improve LLM experts.

Lamini LLM Platform - Keep Complete Control

Keep Complete Control

Maintain complete data privacy and security. Deploy your custom models privately on premise, in your VPC, or easily portable across both.

Full Self-Serve, Enterprise-Class Support

Our fully self-serve platform uplevels your entire engineering organization’s capabilities and makes it easy to train LLMs for thousands of use cases at a time. Enterprise customers receive unmatched support from our dedicated AI engineers to build the highest performing models that meet your product requirements

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Lamini LLM Platform - Full Self-Serve, Enterprise-Class Support

Seamless Compute Integration

Our integration with AMD gives us 10X advantages, largely increasing performance, performance per dollar, availability, efficient models, and new model architectures.

Lamini LLM Platform - Easy UX for Every Developer

Simple Pricing

Lamini Pro
$99 monthly
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Big models (e.g. Llama-2 13B finetuning), up to 1M tokens per job

Up to 10,000 inference calls per month

Hypertuning & RAG

Hosted fast inference

Full SDK access

Evaluation results

Email and Slack support

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All big models, unlimited finetuning jobs, up to 1T+ tokens per job

Unmatched inference capability, higher and more StableQPS, weight exportability

Advanced optimizations (LoRA/PEFT, RLHF, RAFT, Mixture of Experts, Model/Data Parallelism, Sharding)

Host on your private infrastructure or ours with dedicated compute

Full Evaluation Suite

Enterprise white glove support

Lamini Auditor: Observability, Explainability, Auditing